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The birth of our babygirl was the best experience of my life. When you are pregnant and at the end of that 3rd trimester so many things stir in your mind as a soon to be first time mom. The unknown of what may happen, when contractions start where will you be, how it feels, how long it’ll last and beyond. My story couldn’t of been more beautiful. I was 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant. The night before I went into labor I jokingly put a post on Facebook about having to pee 6 times in less than an hour. Many commented and said watch that your water didn’t break! I woke up that night around midnight to cramping and to go pee yet again. My “show” happened. I panicked. Not sure if this was real or not. If everything was ok or this was just the beginning of labor. I immediately realized that my cramping continued like clockwork. Every 3-5 minutes. I wanted to make it sure was the real deal, so I called into the on call doctor to let them know what was happening after the first hour and received no call back. (The week prior I had an episode I had a spirt of energy, so I decided to get some house work done. While doing it, I lost vision in half of my eye which was followed by a horrible headache. I had called the dr to see if this was normal or not. They told me to go in because my blood pressure may have spiked and they may want to induce. We loaded up the car and headed to the local Pharmacy to check my blood pressure. I figured if it was high, we would go. If not, we would stay home. Well we went in, check in and it was the highest is ever seen. We headed to the hospital to only find out that it was normal and the machine I used was most likely a faulty one. So they sent us home. ) So I wait 2 and half hours before I woke up my husband and said it’s time. I just figured it was best to listen to my intuition. It was the quietest ride I’ve ever been on. Thinking about what was about to happen at the hospital and how soon it would be until I would meet our baby girl. Walking into the hospital at that hour was a ghost town at Magee. We go to triage and head right back to the first room to get checked. My biggest fear was that they would send me home and say I had to wait it out after what happened the week prior. At this time it’s 3 am. I got checked, they said the contractions were real and I was naturally laboring. I was so happy about this. Not that I didn’t want to be induced but I was hoping my body would naturally lead me to labor. We then went to the labor and delivery room where I would have our baby. I waited it out to get an epidural until I was 5 cm dilated. I was terrified of getting one. You hear all these scary things that can happen and I was so worried about how it would go. Once that was done, the waiting continued. I had chosen for them to break my water because I was so excited I wanted to get a move on it. When my water broke she said there was meconium. I had no clue what that was. So I asked what it was and they told me the baby pooped but it could be potentially dangerous for the baby, so when I was pushing they would have a team from NICU be there for when I had her to check her out to make sure she was ok.

From here, I continued to labor naturally going from 3 to 5 centimeters from 5 to 8 centimeters and at this time I’m feeling contractions and I mean full blown. I’m thinking this is normal right? Because who knows what’s normal when you’re a first time mom. I had mentioned to the nurse that the machine that administered the medicine for the epidural had been beeping for over an hour. I kept telling her because in my gut I knew that wasn’t normal. Well all of a sudden I started to be able to feel my legs. Little did I know after another anesthesiologist came in pricked my legs to see if I could feel it and discovered that the machine died and hadn’t been administering any medicine!  I was 8 cm dilated and feeling it all. I must admit I wasn’t upset because stuff happens. I just felt like such a badass! Haha. They fixed it and I continued forward info labor. Within the hour I went from 8 to 10 cm. I must admit the entire time all of this was happening, I was so calm. Nothing upset me. I remained positive because I knew at the end I would be holding our baby. Once I hit 10 cm, I started pushing. I will say I wish the dr told me how to! I wasn’t pushing correctly. I was doing it with my face. So my face swelled, my eyes were practically swollen shut. Once I figured that out, it was game on. I wasn’t stopping until she was here.

An hour and a half later I had my baby on my chest. She was (and is) happy and healthy as can be. It was the most beautiful and best moment of my entire life to feel them put her on my chest and to hold her and feed her. She kept touching my face and I kept saying I love you. A moment where my heart and head completely changed for the better. My connection with my daughter and the mind of a mother kicked in. My life has forever changed. After all of that though and as the dr was finishing up, I lost a lot more blood than normal. They insisted they bring in a team to monitor my heart. I was terrified. My eyes were swollen nearly shut from the pushing and my heart was racing faster than it ever has. Thankfully it went back to normal and I was able to eat my pizza and Italian hoagie I requested for after the birth.🤣 It’s a moment in time I’ll never forget. Most days I just stare at her. I observe every part of her face and little body and can’t believe the women’s body is as amazing as it is. Taking in every single moment. Every late night feeding, every smile and coo. All my life, since I was a little girl I just wanted to grow up and be a mommy to a little babygirl. She made my wish and dreams come true and couldn’t be more grateful she made me her mommy.

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