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This is the story of how Maci came to be. It all started back in 2014. We found out we were pregnant and we were so excited! We couldn’t wait to tell our family. We made plans to make the announcement at Thanksgiving dinner. We would have been 12 weeks pregnant. Unfortunately we suffered a miscarriage just days before we planned to announce. I never experienced this before and it was absolutely heart wrenching. I already had at the time a 6 year old daughter and I was really looking forward to making her a big sister. All of the thoughts went through my head.. Will I ever be able to get pregnant again. Will I be able to carry to term. If I do get pregnant again will I have to go through this, will I miscarry? It was so hard to go through. I blamed myself because I went running the morning I started bleeding. I went into a depression after this. We decided not to try again right away, but about 6 months later, we felt the time was right to give it another go. 

To my surprise, we became pregnant right away! This time, I made myself relax, I took it easy for the first trimester.  Everything was moving along great. We went to our 20 week ultrasound and we found out that we had a full placenta previa. Which is a fancy term for the placenta attaching at the bottom of your uterus and blocking the baby’s exit route. The doctors told us that in most cases a partial placenta previa will resolve itself by the 3rd trimester but considering it was a full previa, I should be mentally prepared for a c section birth. They also gave us the unwanted news that I had to be on pelvic rest for the duration of the pregnancy. Which basically means there was no chance for intimacy between myself and my partner. Dreadful. 

Honestly, after a few weeks, it wasn’t so bad. We fell more and more in love with each other throughout this time. We learned to love each other deeply on a mental level. Everyone should try 20 weeks of pelvic rest with the person they love. It will either bring out your true colors or make your relationship more beautiful than you could ever imagine.

Soon our 36 week ultrasound was coming up. This was it. This was going to determine whether or not I would have a c-section. I’m going to be honest here. The idea of having a c-section was pretty much my worse nightmare. I know a lot of women who have done it and have made it through but I had so much on my plate. At the time we were opening our 4th location for our business and I just could not be down from a major operation. So we prayed. 

We prayed so hard the night before the ultrasound. We prayed together, at the foot of our bed. On our knees, and begged God to allow me to give birth vaginally. I even made a negotiation with him, I said “God, if I can give birth to a healthy baby without needing a c-section, I will do it all natural with no epidural.” Yup, that is how terrified I was of the c-section.

The next day came and we went to our 36 week ultrasound. We held hands as the ultrasound tech checked to see if the placenta had moved out of the way. The tech said that because it was a full previa, I shouldn’t get my hopes up... but when she scanned to find the placenta she said, “Would you look at that! It is like you never had Placenta previa to begin with!” 

I laughed in excitement and then I realized that I made a promise to God that I would deliver without an epidural. I knew that it was divine intervention and I was ready to commit to that promise.

2 weeks before my due date, I was at my best friends wedding, dancing the night away and celebrating their love. Later on the evening I went to the hospital with contractions. I dilated to 4cm but then labor had stopped. They sent me home and I was told to come back if I felt contractions again. For an entire week I walked up and down the stairs, I did laps at the track. I probably did 1000 squats to try to naturally induce labor again. Finally I had given up. I went to the doctors and I hadn’t dilated anymore than the 4cm. I was in so much pain. The pressure on my hips and pelvic bones were unbearable at this point and I decided enough was enough. I was going to relax and wait for labor to happen naturally. I stopped by Wendy’s on my way home from the doctors and then I went to my sisters house to eat. I ordered a Baconator. I have  never had one before but all I wanted was bacon. I sat down at the table, I said my prayers and I took one bite of that Baconator and then BAM!! It was like waves were crashing inside of my head. The pain was so excruciating, it was exactly like what you see on the movies. Every contraction sent my body into trembling pain. Luckily my sister lived minutes from the hospital. We got there, signed in and they brought me up to labor and delivery right away. My contractions were about 5 minutes apart and I was in active labor. I explained to the nurses and my doctor that I wanted to do this birth naturally and everyone respected those wishes. I labored for 6 hours before my contractions were off the charts and only one minute apart. My doctor checked me and I was still only 6 cm dilated. I wanted to give up. At this point, I pulled my partner aside and I said to him,

“I don’t think I can do this. I am going to ask for the epidural” He held my hand and looked me dead in the eyes, he said “I know you are in a lot of pain right now but you can do this. You made a promise to God and I’m not going to let you break that promise.” 

I knew that I had to go through with it. My eyes rolled into the back of my head and my soul left my body while I tried to meditate through the remainder of this labor. I had an epidural with my first child and I had NO idea how much that epidural worked until I had to give birth without one! 

About 10 minutes later, I felt this urge to push. I had no energy left in me. I told my partner “I think I’m ready to push” he called the nurse in, she checked me and I was absolutely ready to push. I was 10 cm dilated and she called in the doctor. 

The doctor I had was wonderful. She came in with a smile on her face and she was ready to catch this baby. I pushed and I pushed with everything I had in me, with each contraction I could feel the head crowning and what I call “the ring of fire” when you are giving birth with no pain relief. The pain was unbearable and I think it is absolutely incredible that women can suffer through such extreme pain and nearly forget how it felt when they look at their sweet child for the first time. After giving birth, I watched as my partner teared up with joy to see the sweet baby girl that we had created. She was absolutely perfect with a full head of hair. He couldn’t get over it. He cut her cord and followed her to be weighed and measured, he looked back at me while

I was birthing the placenta and the look on his face made it it obvious that he had no idea there was more going on with the birth. Lol. We laugh about it now, but he was a bit traumatized at the time lol.  Here she was, our sweet baby Maci. 6lbs 8oz and in perfect health. 

I felt like super mom. I felt like I could do anything in the world after giving birth without an epidural. If you ask me if I would choose to do it again, my answer would be.... NO! Lol! Never again! Next time put that needle in my back, numb me and let me snack on ice chips while rest during labor, push without extreme pain and then I can enjoy the first moments with my baby. Lol. I am currently 33 weeks pregnant with my baby boy and when I have him, I will let you all know if I got my wish for this pregnancy! Lol! Look out for an update in a few weeks, fingers crossed for a speedy labor, minimal pain during the delivery, a quick recovery and a healthy baby! 

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