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My Birth story is about my last birth. I have 3 beautiful children, all 3 were C-section. My first was due to her heart rate dropping with every contraction, my second was scheduled as was my third. My third pregnancy was going to be my last in my mind I was hoping it would be as easy of a surgery as my second. It was scheduled, not on the day I wanted an at that moment I became a little more uneasy about having my baby. We didn't find out the sex we wanted to be surprised a nurse accidentally told us I was sad. The doctor who I wanted to deliver my baby was not going to, it was the doctor I didn't want, the date I didn't want. Nothing was going the way I wanted and being forced to have a C-section is not what you imagine, you know things can go wrong, but I never knew how wrong. With the scheduled date arriving I was terrified I told my husband what if we just don't go in on the date? I also did everything know to book to get contractions started because then they have to do the C-section with who is on call. The doctor who was to deliver my baby was older and alot of his natural births turned into C-sections I didn't want him to deliver my child at all. Nov 13th we were told to be at the hospital at 3pm so we get there I'm so overcome with nerves I was sick. well they prep me and the doctors come in ask me my blood type? I'm so racked with nerves I say O -+? I couldn't even think I just wanted to go home. The one doctor who was doing the delivery said we can go we won't need it the other doctor asked if I ever hemorrhaged I said yes with my first C-section. So they waited for blood work to come back now it was time for surgery. At 7:44 pm my son came into the world at 7:45 my husband asked me what was wrong. I told him I was cold and tired at that point I was loosing blood. The doctor was yelling at the other doctor to give me another shot to get my uterus to contract he was yelling back that he couldn't give me more I was at the limit. The nurse was squeezing my uterus to contract they finally got it going, painful even with the spinal epidural I had. They escorted my husband out said they were going to close me and I would be out. They closed me and blood started coming out vaginally and fast. They had to open me back up. The one doctor yelled to the nurse "bring her baby over so she can see him" the other doctor said " there is no time put her under now!" I don't remember anything till the next morning, I didn't meet my son till 2 days after he was born. I woke up the next morning with a breathing tube in me and I was tide to the bed so I couldn't take it out. Days later I was told I lost all my blood they gave me 7liters and bypassed a liter and a half of my own, I need the breathing tube cause I wasn't breathing on my own and I needed a hysterectomy. At 26 I would have no more babies I didn't plan on having more but it still was a hard pill to swallow being told I wasn't able to. I was told I almost died my doctor who delivered my son was the last doctor to come in with his tail between his legs he apologized, I was just happy to be alive.

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