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-Hannah Koshinsky

I have had two polar opposite birth experiences. My first was my son, he was a week over due. My water broke at home. I called because even after months of appts and directions I didn’t know what to do. They didn’t believe me that my water had broken. I was fine with it because I knew I wanted to labor at home as long as possible. My Contractions were about 3minutes apart. then I started bleeding so I called again and they suggested I go to the hospital. When I got there they confirmed my water had broken. I felt very unsure of what was next but thought it would be happening soon since my contractions were so close and had been for over an hour. They told me I was 2cm dialated and I was devastated because I had been 2cm for a month. It felt like everything spiraled out of control at that moment. I got an epidural that I swear was done wrong but I didn’t know till after because I had never had one. I had zero feeling in my lower half. They kept yelling at me to let them know when I felt a contraction coming and I repeated myself about a hundred times that I COULD NOT feel it. I remember taking off the oxygen mask and practically sitting up and yelling it because I felt like I wasn’t being heard. After 2 1/2 hours of pushing they used a vacuum to pull him out. I was exhausted and upset but when they handed him to me my world was forever changed.

My daughter on the other hand. Was a week early, I had signs of preclampsia which the drs went back and forth on how bad it was. They eventually sent me to be induced. I was so nervous that something would go wrong. They gave me Petocine and said I would have it in all night. They took it out after an hour because I was having back to back contractions. I spent the entire night coming down from the contractions. By 12 the next day I suddenly knew it was time to push. Even though I had an epidural I could feel it and knew to push. I pushed twice to birth my daughter. If I knew I would have a birth like that again I might have another.

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