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-Lauren Caperelli

Since I’ve had my second son I haven’t really had a moment to stop and think about the two totally different entrances both my babies made. My first son, Knox came into this world in quit a rush. I had him at 26 weeks and 6 days gestation period due to placenta preveria and low lining placenta. My c-section was nothing short of a nightmare really the entire delivery was terrifying, painful, excruciating is more of the right words in this case. He came abruptly into this world on April fools day morning with his due date being in July 2nd. My perfect miracle, Knox❤️

My second son, Klein decided mom and dad needed a break and couldn’t have came anymore perfectly. Maybe it felt so perfect because Knox’s enterance wasn’t so horrifying but never the less it was absolutely perfect. I was 39 weeks and 4 days patiently waiting to have my dream labor experience, with my hospital bag packed at 30 weeks never knowing what’s going to happen with a high risk pregnancy the last 10 weeks I anxiously waited to meet my little Klein Ryan I had went into labor in the middle of the night at about 1 am waking up with cramping thinking I had gas, I had called my dr and woke him telling him I think it’s finally real this time! (He has quite a few fake labor calls) after I called my doctor my contractions that were consistent for an hour completely stopped so I did about 10 sets of squats up the stairs and within 20 mins I called my mom to stay with Knox and me and my BD headed towards Forbes and he came out perfectly weighing 7 pounds looking like a 5 month old baby to us, considering his brother was born at 2.6 pounds. Now we have two beautiful miracles and I’m a boy mom for life.

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